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Emril Green on Planet Green

Emril Green
Call me crazy though I'm sitting here watching planet green and thinking why are we having a fat guy teach healthy cooking? 
by watching the show I can see why he may talk about eating organic but healthy it's not up to par I'm sure it taste amazing though shouldn't we have a chef or someone on staff teaching Emril how to cook and prepare healthy food to teach others what it takes to be fit, healthy, and live green.
is this another Hollywood spoof to get people interested and confuse people more, because who should we be listening to for our advice on health....... hmmmmmmmm other healthy people and I know this is a tough thing because what is health what is proper nutrition.  Most experts or so called experts can't even answer this question.  Because we have so many different idea's what is healthy.
well let's start off with the basics of what isn't healthy for your body
Top 10 things you shouldn't eat if you want to be healthy.
  1. Refined sugars, flours
  2. sugar, sweets, candy, soda's
  3. processed food (this means anything altered from mother nature)
  4. packaged food
  5. anything with a food label on it
  6. Grain fed meat
  7. farm raised fish
  8. Pasteurized milk products
  9. Alcohol, Drugs, stimulants
  10. vegetable oils
Ok, who cares what we shouldn't eat let's focus on the positive what is the best food for our bodies!!
Lucky 7 foods you should learn to love and only eat, well at least 80% or more of the time.
  1. Veggies (raw mostly) local organic the best than organic, fresh, than down the line.
  2. Fruit (local organic best) organic, fresh, and down the line.
  3. Grass fed free range meat.
  4. Organic Free range local chicken, turkey, eggs (find a local farmer for best)
  5. walnuts, almonds, cashews
  6. olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil
  7. Water (the only thing people should drink)
Planet Green
let's get with it and teach people the real deal when it comes to health and the environment and let's get experts that are super fit, healthy and not just some celebrity's that have no clue or don't even look the part.  how about just hiring a staff of experts on the panel to really teach these people how to be healthy.
I know this may sound strict though if you want to be healthy mind, life, and body, you got to change your lifestyle your thinking and your friends.  Live it, be it, and do the right thing and it's a life long journey for success.
live with passion.

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